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Trial Attorney of the Year Award

The PWCBA began recognizing local attorneys for outstanding work as court-appointed attorneys in 1989. In 1995, the award was expanded to recognize the outstanding dedication, professionalism, and competence of court-appointed counsel in the Circuit, General District, and Juvenile and Domestic Relations District Courts in our jurisdiction. In 1994, the Bar presented the first Guardian Ad Litem of the Year Award.

In 2011, the Court-Appointed Attorney of the Year Award was re-named the Trial Attorney of the Year Award in order to recognize any attorney, not just court-appointed, whose practice in the courts of the 31st Judicial Circuit is exemplary.

The PWCBA seeks nominations for these awards from the courts and the awards are given at the annual Bench Bar Dinner Dance.

Trial Attorney of the Year and Guardian Ad Litem of the Year Recipients

Rebecca Thacher – Circuit Court
Charles Nucciarone – General District Court
Mandy Petrocelli – J&DR District Court
Joan Coleman – Juvenile GAL

Shalev Ben-Avraham – Circuit Court
Robert A. Gregory – General District Court
Lavonda Graham-Williams – J&DR District Court
Felisha Thomas Hardy – Juvenile GAL

William A. Boge – Circuit Court
Hasina A. Lewis – General District Court
Caroline L. Lochabay – J&DR District Court
Stephanie Stinson – Juvenile GAL

Brian Boyle – Circuit Court
Mark Thomas Crossland – Circuit Court
Robert H. Harris, II– General District Court
Kathryn F. Fenske – J&DR District Court
Ashleigh Nicole Iszard – Juvenile GAL

Lauren Pomerantz – Circuit Court
Lisa K. Caruso – General District Court
J. Regan Kline – J&DR District Court
Sadie Banks Brown – Juvenile GAL

John J. Irving – Circuit Court
Che C. Rogers – General District Court
Lisa K. Caruso – J&DR District Court
Carlos Flores-Laboy – Juvenile GAL

Peter Francescon – Circuit Court
Erin Tiffany Ford – General District Court
Meghan Matulka – J&DR District Court
Jessica Stokes-Johnson – Juvenile GAL

James A. Willett – Circuit Court
Anne T. Godson – General District Court
Kimberly Hackbarth – J&DR District Court
Nicholas D. Williams – Juvenile GAL

James P. Griffin – Circuit Court
Rebecca Thacher – General District Court
Christopher D. Feldmann – JDR District Court
Angela C. Morehouse – Juvenile GAL

Donald E. Coulter – Circuit Court
Nicole Naum – General District Court
Justin M. Hargrove – JDR District Court
Mark Henshaw – Juvenile GAL

Chester L. Banks – Circuit Court
Kevin L. Leahy – General District Court
W. Michael Phipps – J&DR District Court
Anne Norloff – Juvenile GAL

Raymond J. Morley — Circuit Court
Barry A. Zweig — General District Court
Abigail A. Miller — J&DR District Court
Janet Ours — Juvenile GAL

Court-Appointed Attorney of the Year and Guardian Ad Litem of the Year Recipients

Jennifer B. Zary — Circuit Court
C. Shawn Allen — General District Court
Carlos Flores-Laboy — J&DR District Court
Lori V. Battistoni — Juvenile GAL

John Notarianni — Circuit Court
Michael Fasano — General District Court
Robert Gregory — J&DR District Court
Charlie Ashton — Juvenile GAL

John Irving — Circuit Court
Barry Zweig — General District Court
Mark Crossland — J&DR District Court
Anthony McLaughlin — Juvenile GAL

Kimberly A. Irving — Circuit Court
Raymond Morley — General District Court
John J. Irving — J&DR District Court
Robert P. Coleman — Juvenile GAL

Olaun Simmons — Circuit Court
W. James Baker — General District Court
Myron Teluk  — J&DR District Court
Penny George — Juvenile GAL

James Baker — Circuit Court
Robert P. Coleman — General District Court
Kimberly Irving — J&DR District Court
Raymond Morley — Juvenile GAL

Mark T. Crossland — Circuit Court
Ronald W. Fahy — General District Court
William J. Baker — J&DR District Court
Michele Rydell — Juvenile GAL

C. Shawn Allen — Circuit Court
Nancy Croteau — General District Court
Nancy Croteau — J&DR District Court
Kevin Childers — Juvenile GAL

Elizabeth von Keller — Circuit Court
Tracey Lenox — General District Court
Mark Newman — J&DR District Court
Rusty von Keller — Juvenile GAL

Robert Coleman — Circuit Court
Mark Newman — General District Court
Mark Henshaw — J&DR District Court
Dennis Carluzzo — Juvenile GAL

Nancy Stone — Circuit Court
William Boge — General District Court
Robert Coleman — J&DR District Court
Robert Cooper — Juvenile GAL

Jim Baker — Circuit Court
Robert Horan — General District Court
Jim McCoart — J&DR District Court
Amy Ashworth — Juvenile GAL

Robert Coleman — Circuit Court
Robert Gregory — General District Court
Russell Wells — J&DR District Court

Jerry Negin — Circuit Court
Nancy Stone — J&DR District Court
Paul Walla — Juvenile GAL

Rossie D. Alston, Jr. — Circuit Court  
Carol Hill — General District Court
Jerry Negin — J&DR District Court

Jerry Negin — Circuit Court
Bob King — General District Court
Russell Wells — J&DR District Court

Rossie D. Alston, Jr. — General District Court
Michele Jung — Juvenile GAL

Bob King, Court Appointed Attorney of the Year

Scott Bailey, Court Appointed Attorney of the Year

Fred Edwards, Court Appointed Attorney of the Year

Rick Wheeler, Court Appointed Attorney of the Year

Paul Gluchowski — J&DR District Court


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