PWCBA Manassas, Virginia

Community Service – Court Tours/Mock Trial

The objective of the Court Tours/Mock Trial program is to provide an educational and career development opportunity for area middle school students by organizing tours of the Prince William County Judicial Center followed by a mock trial. Participating students visit court rooms while court is in session, at the discretion of the court, and are guided through the judicial center by volunteer judges, attorneys, interpreters and law enforcement personnel who give a brief overview of the civil and criminal justice system during the tour.

Following the tour, volunteer judges, attorneys and bailiffs guide the students through a mock trial which depicts a typical situation that teenagers might experience, (e.g., underage drinking at a party when the parents are not home.)

Court Tours for Students

Although the mock trial is scripted, the students have an opportunity to discuss the possible outcomes of the trial with the volunteer judge prior to learning the actual ruling. This interactive learning environment is well received by students and teachers alike.

The only cost associated with this program is related to transporting the students to and from the judicial center. These costs were covered by a generous grant from the Prince William County Bar Foundation.


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